WORTH Trust – Employment of the Differently-Abled:

WORTH Trust’s employees - break-up with nature of disability at various units in Katpadi, Trichy, Pondicherry:
S.No. Nature of disability Male Female Total
1 Orthopedically Handicapped 157 55 212
2 Hansen’s Cured 13 1 14
3 Mentally Challenged 4 _ 04
4 Speech & Hearing Impaired 81 14 14
5 Visually Impaired 4 3 07
6 Non Differently Abled 69 10 79
TOTAL 328 83 411

We have employed more than 6500 Differently-Abled persons through the years.

  • WORTH runs six Production Centres at Katpadi & Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry employing Persons with Disabilities.

WORTH Trust undertakes the following activities for persons with disabilities:

  • WORTH Engineering Industries at Katpadi, Trichy and Pondicherry are equipped with the latest CNC machines to produce high precision components to very close tolerances. The products manufactured cover a wide spectrum: components for shock absorbers for two and four wheelers, steering parts, brake parts, torsion bar, drop arms and a host of others.
  • WORTH Plastics at Katpadi is equipped with High-precision computer controlled Injection moulding machines and a Blow moulding machine. The unit supplies High–precision components for the automotive industries, electrical and electronic industries, besides toilet seats with covers and toilet flushing mechanism.
  • WORTH manufactures Assistive Devices in Katpadi for the Visually Impaired like Universal Braille Kits, Braille Slate, Stylus, Abacus, Taylor Frame etc., in Katpadi.
  • WORTH Braillers at Katpadi are the sole assemblers of the world renowned Perkins Braillers in collaboration with the Perkins School for the Blind, Boston, USA, since 1996.
  • WORTH Mobility Aids at Katpadi manufactures Wheelchairs, Tricycles, Walkers, Crutches, White Canes, etc. which are made by Persons with Disabilities themselves. The Unit also manufactures Industrial Steel Pallets (Folding & Non-Folding) and Steel Furniture like Lockers, Cupboards, etc.
  • WORTH Digitization at Chennai converts printed books to digital word / audio files which can be read using screen readers in computer or MP3 players without depending on readers. This is done for Bookshare, USA which runs the largest online library for the Visually Impaired in the whole world.

WORTH Trust – Training & Education:

  • WORTH Trust runs three Technical Training Centres, where boys and girls with disability are provided free vocational training in Turner, Machinist and Welder trades at Katpadi, Tiruchirapalli and Pondicherry.

No. of Students in the Technical Training Centres at Katpadi, Trichy & Pondicherry for Boys & Girls with Speech & Hearing Impairment & Physically Challenged:

Students Nos.
Boys 115
Girls 12

We have employed more than 6500 Differently-Abled persons through the years.

  • Non-formal training of the Differently-Abled drop outs is carried out at our production centers at Katpadi, Tiruchirapalli and Pondicherry.
  • Placement of trained Differenlty-Abled students in reputed organizations like Brakes India Ltd, Friens India, Addison, Aakash Ganga, Nichias, Kaizen Hitech Pvt. Ltd, etc.
  • WORTH Trust runs a Government recognized Residential, Transitional School for Children with Speech & Hearing Impairments at Katpadi since 1999. Children aged between 4 and 7, join different classes and pursue their studies upto 5th standard, primarily through Lip Reading. Thereafter, they are integrated into regular schools. They are trained by dedicated teachers.

No. of Students in the School for Speech and Hearing Impairment at Katpadi:

Students Nos.
Boys 50
Girls 30

More than 2000 Physically Challenged and Speech & Hearing Impaired students have passed through our school.

  • WORTH runs an Early Intervention Centre (EIC) for Infants with Hearing Impairment since 2008. The EIC project in Katpadi is sponsored by the Tamil Nadu State Commissioner Office for the Welfare of the Differently-Abled at Chennai. We have another centre at Tirupattur. Each child is trained in verbal and auditory skills and subsequently join regular schools (mainstream) at the age of five or six in First standard to attain a successful, integrated education.

No. of Children in the Early Intervention Centre for Infants with Speech & Hearing Impairment:

Students Nos.
Boys 16
Girls 12

More than 100 Speech & Hearing Impaired Infants have passed out from the EIC Centre.

  • WORTH runs an Early Intervention Centre (EIC) for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder at Katpadi.

No. of Children in the Early Intervention Centre for Infants with Autism Spectrum Disorder:

Students Nos.
Boys 19
Girls 6
  • The Day Activity Centre for the Mentally Challenged at Katpadi & Tirupattur are a specialized training Centre for children with Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Deficit, Down’s Syndrome and Autism. The speciality of this unit is that the children are trained along with their mother / father / or any other caretaker. This enables the parents to continue to practice the training at home.

No. of Children in the Day Activity Centre for Mentally Challenged:

Students Nos.
Boys 183
Girls 63

More than 350 Mentally Challenged students have undergone training at the DAC.

WORTH Trust – Rehabilitation:

  • WORTH Trust works closely in Association with the District Differently-Abled Welfare Office (DDAWO), Vellore in implementing various Government schemes and conducting various Assessment and Assistive camps throught Vellore District.
  • WORTH Trust through its Outreach Programmes continuously organizes the following throught the Vellore District:
    1. Rural Outreach Programmes.
    2. Counselling & Guidance.
    3. Distribution of Aids and Appliances to the Differently–Abled.
    4. Distribution of Bus Passes, Scholarships, Welfare Cards, National ID Cards, Train Passes, Pension for the Differently-Abled.
    5. Organising Medical Camps for Eye and ENT Treatment etc.