WORTH School for Children with Speech and Hearing Challenges:

After polio became extinct, The WORTH Transitional School- a special School for the orthopedically challenged was transformed into a Special School for children with Speech and Hearing challenges in 1999.
Depending on the severity of their impairment, children seeking admission are first screened by an audiogram then suitable hearing aids are provided. Today as a Special School we cater for education for Ist to Vth Standard with 115 children with all modern technology equipments like Group Hearing Aid, Induction Loop system Speech Therapy etc. During their stay with us the children go through Yoga Therapy, Group Babbling and training in communication.
During their stay the hearing impaired students also go through various extra curricular activities and other vocational activities aimed at making a child with hearing challenges more capable of facing life. All the Activities are aimed at making the children with speech and hearing challenges to be of speech capable which we are succeeding with the best possible training and by using the digital and the Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aids of high quality.

Early Intervention for children with speech & hearing impairment:

Early Intervention Center trains hearing impaired infants below 3 Years. Each child is well trained in verbal and auditory skills and subsequently expected to join in the regular schools (mainstream) at the age of 5 or 6 in 1st standard to attain a successful integrated education. As per the norms given by the TN. State Govt., the EIC is run at Panchayat Union Middle School (South) at Katpadi.

Day activity center for mentally challenged

Day Activity Center for the Mentally Challenged was started in February, 2007. The specialty of this unit is that we train the children along with their mother / father / or any other caretaker. This enables the parents continue to practice the training at home. We have various specialized training for the children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Deficit (ADHD), Cerebral Palsy (CP), Mental Challenges (MC) and Autism.
Our DAC children are mainly trained to learn their Daily living skills, academics, vocational and pre-vocational skills and trained in Domestic activities. They consistently excel in several competitions held in sports, music, and dance.

Out Reach Programmes

The Trust has designed comprehensive “Outreach Programmes “embracing Rural Rehabilitation, Disability Awareness Campaigns, Comprehensive Rehabilitation Counselling Centers, all around Katpadi. These activities enable the differently-abled get rehabilitated. Besides, they are given medical aid and are assisted to reach Government loans and Concessions.

Technical Training Centers

The Trust runs three Technical Training Center in Katpadi, Tiruchirapalli and Pondicherry, where boys and girls with disability are provided free vocational training in Turner, Machinist, Welder and Electronics trades. All these three training units prepare the students for the NCVT (National Council for Vocational Trades) exams.
All the three Technical Training Centers have hostels attached to them. In Katpadi, girl students are admitted too. Current strength at the three centers is featured below:

TTC Katpadi

TTC Tiruchirapalli

TTC Pondicherry