Enabling the Differently-Abled since 1963

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To Rehabilitate, Educate, Train, Employ and Empower the Differently-Abled and People with               Special Needs Fostering Inclusion and            Gender Parity.

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  • To promote Rehabilitation and Inclusion of Differently-Abled and People with Special Needs through outreach programmes, counselling and appropriate intervention.

  • To create a Barrier-Free Environment enabling the Differently-Abled and People with Special Needs to develop and showcase their skills thereby Empowering them to be Independent in Life and Socially Acceptable.

  • To promote a Transparent Organizational Culture that encourages Ethical Conduct at all times and provide a Working Environment free from Harassment of any form and fostering Gender Parity.

  • To educate and prepare Children with Speech and Hearing Impairment for integration into mainstream schools.

  • To provide compassionate care, guidance and need based training to Children and Adolescents with Intellectual Challenges and Multiple Disabilities.

  • To provide need based Vocational or On-The-Job training to the Differently-Abled Youth, People with Special Needs and facilitate them in their Employment and Growth.

  • To produce and provide quality and affordable Mobility Aids and Assistive Devices for the Differently-Abled and People with Special Needs.

  • To constantly explore opportunities to offer quality products and services for sustaining the Rehabilitation Activities by employing the Differently-Abled and People with Special Needs.

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Rehabilitation & Training of Differently-Abled


WORTH Rehabilitation Projects

Transitional School for Children with Speech and Hearing Challenges, Day Activity Centre for Intellectually Challenged, Early Intervention Centre for Speech and Hearing Impairment, Early Intervention Centre for Autism Spectrum Disorder and Outreach Activities.


Technical Training Centres

Industrial Training Institute for Speech & Hearing Impaired and Physically Challenged.

Production Centres - Employment of Differently-Abled


WORTH Plastics

Hi-precision computer controlled injection moulding machines and blow moulding.


WORTH Industries

CNC machining units at Katpadi, Trichy and Pondicherry.


WORTH Braillers & Mobility Aids

Assistive Devices for the Visually Impaired and Mobility Aids

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WORTH Digitization

Digitization of books for the Print Disabled and Embossing of Braille books